About Organic Linen Company

Doing good for Mother Earth
and the farmers
“You” making the difference


We pride ourselves in providing great products that are sustainably created, & ethically made.

We are dedicated to provide you with an affordable, ethically minded, dependable source for products made from sustainably grown GOTS certified organic cotton.

We manage the complete process from the farm to you.




Conventional Cotton uses 25% of world’s insecticides & 10% of worlds pesticides. It is the most pesticide intensive crop. Your choice of Organic Cotton supports the use of non-GMO seeds, natural pesticides & fertilizers, sustainable resource management. This further reduces pollution, encourages sustainability & creates a healthy & fit planet.

The worldwide leading textile processing staard for organic fibers, including ecological & social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

Simple. Honest. Responsible.